The beginning… for the Viral Traffic Guy, it is today

As Imentioned on the home page, today's the launch of the Viral Traffic Guy moniker for me

I've been known as giveawayRocket and still have giveawayRocket site, but as my mentor @Paul Pruitt has been preaching at me, I'm moving to a more universal nickname as the Viral Traffic Guy.

It is an evolution as they say… I'm learning and growing and changing.

The contest/giveaway thing is still my thing, but part of what I'm learning along that journey is that (as Paul said) more globally, the contests are generating traffic and it is more than just contests… it is Viral Traffic.

Now, the TrafficGuy domain was taken, and really, more appropriately, I'm really doing ‘viral' traffic, so this new nickname is more descriptive (and dare I say it?) and more Niche? LOL ok, that's not really a niche.

Other things I'm doing:

SearchiePro – the defacto site about the most amazing personal search engine Searchie!

SearchieHUBS – if you were going to build a membership site, it would be amazing to have a custom search engine for all your content. That would be what SearchieHUBS is all about.

planetMitch – well, that's the original site where I started out.